Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sneeky hour blogging

Slow slow quick quick slow.... on the blogging front.

60 plus hours working this week so I finished a little earlier and took the bike out to progress the boat painting investigation.

Stenson boat builders had gone home at 3.40 pm so they missed out on over £4,000 worth of business. I called in to Aqua narrowboats and had a great chat with Justin (who responded to my questions about boat painting just after we brought Waterlily - and that was when he did not paint boats)

I liked his friendly approach and he recognised Waterlily and my blog - first one ever to do that so another tick in the box. Biggest thing was I did not get the feel this was a business working on canal time, more a business that understands what a customer looks like - I hope I am not disappointed if we go to Aqua for the boat painting.

Watch this space...

I carried on enjoying riding my bike and called at Waterlily for a check and drink and to blog as I had the time.....


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