Wednesday, 14 October 2009 take a bow

I have in the past taken a small swipe at the arguing that goes on over on the forums.

To add balance there are some genuine people on there who do want to help. Follow this link and be amazed how the internet plus willing people can make a difference.

When Holly the hire boat was stolen they also geared up an went looking and I think it was one of the members who spotted the boat being painted and she was recovered.

Just think what a word we would live in if everyone did a bit more to help each other out.

If one thing comes from the period of austerity that we are headed for/in now I hope it is a different focus - one that is more neighbourly and less "I'm all right Jack" less political correctness and a less litigious society. If these things come out of the recession at least I won't feel so bad having left my children this mess by my excesses.

Off for a rest now.....


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