Monday, 28 September 2009

Just nice people on the cut

You hear so many tales of anger, selfishness rudeness from people blogging or in forums I thought it needs balance

I have been out for a long weekend (details to follow) and I have met only nice, friendly, happy boaters plus cyclist and walkers and fishermen (no fisherwomen). People tend to only report the bad... so I am reporting the good.


PS - Closest we got to bad behaviour was three lads12 years old I guess near Drayton bridge on the Birmingham and Fazely canal - one was leaning over the bridge holding something as we went under the bridge - I thought he was going to drop something on us - turned out it was his phone camera - cheeky bugger was taking a photo looking down Rachel's top !! Can't fault his endeavour, most probably his mum and dad have the Internet blocked at home !!

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