Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bloggers KPI....

Key performance indicator - 10,000 hits in 20 months. I do like to think some people read my ramblings and the fact I have hit this milestone is pleasing and most agreeable to me.

Andrew on Granny Buttons recently blogged about blogging and cited 100 active boat blogs, at the same time I was musing over the fact my blog roll is getting more and more stagnant. There have been some good bloggers just stopped but more importantly many seem to be getting less frequent. I'm sorry but that is just not acceptable. I need to read about people on the cut, I don't mind if it is of the got up, cruised, saw some stuff, went to bed type blog I like reading and thinking of you lot out there enjoying the canals, vicarious canal cruising is what I need. Its great that Bruce in Sanity has taken to posting pictures, I like to see as well as read (something about a picture being worth a thousand words... ) please make them clickable so I can see all the detail.... I think I'm getting very demanding.

I have to agree with Andrew on the range of topics and general good read, plus photo's on Halfie's blog Always a regular read and a regular blogger to, imagine what we'll get when Halfie get his own boat...Plus now I find out he is a keen cyclist. That's right up my street having got rid of one of our two cars which means I either have my motorbike or my cycles. I really must get my Brompton onto the boat.



Halfie said...

Hi Nev,

Just catching up with a week's worth of blogs. Hey - I got a mention! Thanks! Well, if last week is anything to go by, my blogging output will diminish when I get my own boat, that is, if I'm still using a "3" dongle and cruising in Wales. Actually, when I have my own boat, I'll not feel compelled to cruise for as much of the day. I'll make time for blogging.

Nev Wells said...


Strangely I blog less on the boat than when at home? But fishing takes up the spare time I guess.

I dumped my 3 modem cost me a packet as I opted for the 10gb prepaid version and then another fiver for the latest dongle. Never got a reliable connection. I am on Orange now and its great on my moorings and pleasingly out in the sticks above Fradley. Its on a 14.95 a month 30 day contract so I can cancel with just 30 days notice.