Friday, 23 October 2009

Out in fantastic autumn weather

A last minute change of plan meant instead of North Wales we got onto Waterlily with the added bonus of friends John and Carrie from Scotland plus their two collies joining us for an overnighter.

We got to the boat just after lunch time Thursday, previously John and Carrie had been with us going south through Burton and onto the other Weston on Trent. We thought we would show them the other side of Fradley for this trip.

As it was a last minute plan to meet up we needed more food so we took Waterlily down to Alrewas to shop and wind.

The weather was very changeable and we started off in sunshine but ended up getting back almost in the dark and having sat out heavy rain in Alrewas.

There was a perfect rainbow behind us as we came back up the cut.... shame I did not have a wide angle lens.

A beery night ensued, with poor John and Carrie not getting too much sleep thanks to the smoke alarm and Co2 detector giving out low battery warnings.

Today (Friday) was perfect autumnal cruising weather and we made the most of it by cruising up to Kings Bromley marina and winding.

This is where we are now..... very rural and quite - just heard an Owl and while I was fishing in the last light a Kingfisher did a fly past. Perfect

Rachel and Leia at Woodend Lock

John very expertly skippering Waterlily. He did perfect wind - skills not forgotten from our trip a few years back to Stratford.

We walked John and Carrie back to Fradley and now having fished showered and eaten we are relaxing in a lovely warm boat. Leia is absolutely knackered - she has just slept all evening - see the little video for the reason why !!


Halfie said...


Your picture of John at the tiller is just to show where not to stand, isn't it? Even your new hinged tiller arm wouldn't help him if the rudder struck an obstruction...

Nev Wells said...


You are correct but I did make John pose for the picture as he is such a big bugger he had to step back to get him all in.

Its a good reminder as I have rested there in the past when cruising.