Monday, 12 October 2009

Seasons on the cut

I am restless - not being on my boat but reading some of the excellent blogs of the continuous cruisers enjoying autumn on the cut.

It got me thinking about the seasons of the cut and which is my favorite. It has to be autumn, as the canals take on a serenity that matches how I like to feel. No hustle and bustle, no loud talking as people sit out late into the evening, peace and quite. I also like deep winter, not the wet and cold type but the deep frost and clear crisp days with wood smoke rising straight up from boat chimneys, but then there are frozen canals, great until some intrepid boater comes bursting through

I like summer the least mainly because the canals get so busy - I suppose this links to my last post about why I like boating - I like the solitude. I think this could be a reaction to my day job.... I may need the services of a clinical psychologist ...Mmmm well there is the cheese boat, the fudge boat, how about the clinical psychologist's boat Bruce?

No photos recently so I have indulged myself with a few from our recent trip down the Birmingham and Fazely canal. In reverse order....

This is on the last leg from Streethay to Fradley Junction. The leaves were filling the canal and coming down like confetti - just does not show up so well on the photo.

We were just past Whittington on the Coventry, these cows were enjoying the canal, but not one was displaying a license !

Drayton bridge - the theme park was opposite. Next spring I'd like to use this as a reason to get my lads aboard for a trip to the theme park.

Now to sort out my remaining Caldon canal cruise photo's


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