Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I thought it might be a nice option to look at the various layouts of marina's on the system.

As my boat is moored on the Trent & Mersey I started there. However I was disappointed to only get as far as the new Mercia Marina before google maps and ran out of recent images. Mercia is still the trout lake and there is no sign of Great Heywood marina at all !

So these few will do for now - still interesting to see the different layouts. - can you ID them - pretty easy really.

I regularly consider going into a marina. Its interesting that when we first looked there were waiting lists for most - now all seem to have vacancies - even Kings Bromley which is still one of my favourites.

The cost puts me (us) off as does having a potential view of someone else's boat from 6 inches away. At least we have a view 24/7 on our linear mooring.

So we don't have water and electricity to our boat, but as I've blogged about before that would be too much like living at home. I like being on my boat to feel like a balance of resource use v's comfort and cost. After all when we eventually do go extended cruising we will not have the connections and have to protect and be aware of our resources.


Heth said...

Yes Nev, those do all look like car parks & I'm glad we're not on one of those. But they aren't all the same!
Checkout this post:

And this:

Halfie said...


"can you ID them - pretty easy really."

Very easy if you click to enlarge each pic, then hover cursor over! Or was that cheating?

Nev Wells said...


Cheating I'd say but boo me for labeling them that way !


Thanks for the links, very interesting. Seems like you have the best of both worlds.


Heth said...

Hi Nev,
Well yeh, but nothing's perfect,, the downside is that we have to go thru 7 VERY rickety locks before we can get onto the Leeds-Liv!

On a different note BW are going to be working on the lock near us for 6 weeks starting next month & as a precaution we're gonna be locked in, literally, I mean boards are going in at the marina entrance! Never come across that actually happening before! It'll be weird & could well go on longer depending on the weather, it'll be different anyway! It's quite a talking point round here & they've to bring in 6 weeks worth of boats going into the boathouse too. Think it may cause some chaos, you know the lovely view of the island we have? Well that's currently blocked by a widebeam moored there thats waiting to go in the boathouse - but we don't know when!

We'll have to go for one of our world famous pumpout experiences next wkend, & it could cause probs for us getting out the mooring...

So right now, & for a while, looks like it might actually be a bit cramped here! Ah well...!


Nev Wells said...


How about a link to google maps showing the location so we can picture the location and the 7 rickety locks

I suppose the locks mean only the committed come your way?


Heth said...

Good idea Nev, I'll have a rummage thru Google maps when I get chance, & see what I can come up with, just for you lol