Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What a load of cr@p

I have ..........

It is 'I' rather than 'we' I'm ashamed to say.

In March I set a rather late New Years resolution to declutter I had an initial spurt but living got in the way, the way it does. Anyhow this week we have been off and been working through the house. We spent a good couple of days in the garden and then the shed(s) and garage got sorted. We now have a skip full on the drive waiting to go.

It even extended to the office and computer when the rain came. I not have quite a few items running on eBay if anyone is interested, including a nice little 12v Pace satellite box - just like Sue's from No Problem

It is very therapeutic, and I still have not replaced my wind up alarm clock - this is my reminder to use what I already have rather than buying more 'stuff'.

I'm starting to not like 'stuff'

It is the reason I like the boat. No space for excess, everything has a place (within reason) My garage/shed on the boat is a little smaller but gets me by - I do have a tool box in the wardrobe !

Hopefully get on the boat at some point this week - I might try and return to a hot fishing spot I found when we came back from Leek earlier in the year.


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