Friday, 16 October 2009

It's the journey not the destination

How true of narrowboating. When I tell people at work I am going to Leek or Macclesfield for a holiday they look at me as if feeling sorry for me.

Owning a canal boat is about the journey -that's what makes so many blogs interesting. There is so much to see and at a pace to enjoy it. It also says something about me I think - my other modes of transport are motorcycle and bicycle, both in my mind more about the getting there than the there itself.

It gets bigger - get the beer out or light the spliff, this is meaning of life stuff. People should live their lives as if it is a journey, experience all that they meet and embrace it. All too often we are sold the destination which is in many cases unobtainable crap when we get there and detracts from enjoying the journey of life.

I have the ultimate respect for those who have taken the decision to follow their instincts and take to the cut full time, I'm sure at times there is doubt the decision was the right one - especially in the middle of dark wet winter, but then again those doubts would still be there if the decision had not been taken.

On a related note I spoke with some liveaboards while watering up after out last trip out. They were slowly heading back to Milton Keynes for the winter, the reason - it never got really dark - around there there is so much light pollution and it helped apparently over the winter. I never really thought of it like that - I'd like to think I'd embrace the dark, but only if I felt safe wherever I was moored?

Have a good weekend



Bruce in Sanity said...

It's November that's tough - dark nights, nothing special happening, a long way to go.

After New Year there's a feeling of having turned the corner and Spring on its way.

Take care


Nev Wells said...


Hopefully this year you will have something to pass the time by focusing on the new build?