Sunday, 8 November 2009

Wised up to these people ?

Marketing types - these are the buggers who convince us we want 'stuff'. They are the modern age snake oil sales people.

I have fell for their tricks and clever positioning of stuff for many many years. Not now - no now I try and adopt a marketing phobic stance when it comes to things I want. Rather than convincing myself (with the help of the snake oil people) that I need something to enable my life to be that little bit better.... I now look for the reasons why I should not have it.

It is working, maybe its just my impulsive nature but everytime I get the urge to spend and acquire I check myself and them reward myself - spirituly for not falling for the marketing trick.

One of the biggest rewards is looking forward to the time I have to get rid of the thing I am thinking of buying... it does work, try it !!

We can live without stuff and our lives and the environment will be so much the better for it.


Plus my boat and house will be that bit more organised and less cluttered ;-)

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