Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ashby cruise

Well we did not make the skip a the end of the Ashby but that's a reason to come back to this lovely canal.

Sitting here at my office desk with the rain beating down outside, makes it hard to believe we were lashing on the suntan cream and living the dream just a few days ago.

So to make me feel better and to detail my excellent week aboard some photo's.......

Bridge 1 on the Ashby - new ground to us. For the record we can get to the Ashby with two days cruising with Polsworth being somewhere near the stop off from Hunts lock.
I did say the Ashby was like the Shroppie at the start - see what I mean. It reminded me of some of the cuttings we enjoyed a couple of years ago.
These fellows were on the battlefield moorings and were not at all scared of Leia (who was on a lead just in case)
That sky was with us all week - how lucky were we......
This was a beautifully well kept small marina on the Ashby called 'The Barge'

This made me chuckle - H&S in a field full of sheep !

There was so many of these little fellows about, we never tired of watching them. It is unfortunate that the drakes are still pursuing the females - just out of Atherstone there were 5 males trying to mate with one unfortunate female and she had 14 chicks - it was mayhem.

The weather was the highlight of the week as well as the lack of boats which compared to when we have cruised in the past (school holidays) was a real bonus.
Best part of it we didn't make the end so we have to come back soon !

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