Tuesday, 5 May 2009

RCR Wells style

On the way back from the Ashby we stopped off at Polesworth. The last time we came this way was when we brought Waterlily back after buying her and we saw NB Valerie (note to self add Valerie to my blogroll.

All of the moorings were full - this time we were the only boat.

When we woke up there was another small boat moored away from us. While getting ready to cruise one of the crew approached and asked about battery isolation. It turned out they had brought the boat the previous day from Whittington and were taking it back down south. Problem was their batteries were flat. It seemed the leisure was in series with the starter and had drained overnight. He was running an genny to try and charge the starter.

I said if he could not get it going to haul her up to Waterlily and we'd try a jump start.

Ten minutes later just as I was putting the tiller arm on he asked if he could take our offer up which I was happy to do. It turned out the batteries were both boiled dry, I gave him my distilled water to try and top up the batteries. We checked them with the hygrometer I have and they were in the red.

Much messing about with jump leads educated me to the fact of current drop as the leads were getting hot and the little boat would only slowly turn over and not start.

I bit the bullet and took my starter out and installed that which spun up straight away and started his boat. We disconnected and put on the best of the two batteries and shook hands and wished them the best.

Below is our mooring with our starter ready to go back

Dobbin was the boat name....... neither seems keen top have their photo taken after we had got her started (I hope it wasn't stolen) I have no doubt it was genuine as they were a nice couple.

I suggested joining the proper RCR asap !!

It's good to help, they kindly offered us money for a bottle of wine which we declined asking them to put it to their battery fund and pay forward the favour we had done them.



Halfie said...

It's always good to help other boaters in need. You never know when you might need that favour repaid!

I should think (hope!) the starter and leisure batteries were in parallel, by the way.

Nev Wells said...


Very true, although we are members of RCR and would highly recommend them. (We also have out boat serviced every year and do carry out checks while aboard.

I fear the batteries were set up in series as the new owner told me the person who has sold them the boat had advised to isolate the starter (there were two isolation switched next to the batteries)

No doubt the start of an interesting learning curve...