Sunday, 17 May 2009

3 is crap

Says it all really. I have had a three 3g modem since last october and it has never worked on my mooring - despite my moorings being within the area 3 advertise as having coverage. I have tried it in every position and location and its still crap. It sometimes gives me 3g then as I connect it drops and gives me super slow Orange GPRS.

It is the WORST bit of technology I own. DO NOT BUY A 3 3g MODEM

Phew I feel a little better for that


Oh and another thing - they do not have software for the Mac.


NB Willawaw said...

I fully agree - use Vodafone myself. Have added you to my blogroll.

Halfie said...

Have you tried putting it on a tripod on top of the roof (with an extension lead through a window so you can remain in comfort)? I wrote about doing just that here:

I'll put a photo on that post soon.

My (mended) Mac isn't portable, so I used Jan's (PC) laptop with the dongle on the boat.

Roger NB Windsong said...

I disagree, my 3 3g is good (depending on location of course)BUT my T Mobile one is better.


Nev Wells said...


I have reciprocated, thanks for the comment. My Sony laptop has a built in vodafone 3g sim. It does not get a 3g connection on my mooring but then they do not advertise coverage there. ts GPRS is rock steady and always connects.


Its been everywhere ! My last attempt was to put it in a phone and have it outside and use a BT PAN set up Problem is it connects then drops. I recon it is on the edge of their service provision. I will look at your suggestion.


My post was very much in frustration of being sold it on its coverage and it is so flaky. I'm pleased you are getting VFM out of yours,

Take care