Saturday, 2 May 2009

Leia update....

I have posted this as I've just read that Bones has a dog.... I've also left the pic at the top of the blog as this seems the only way to enable people to click on them to get a better view (unless you know of a way around this?)

Its getting close to the anniversary of us taking Leia in, so we will have had her just a year. Bones new dog thinks she is a little chubby - I can assure you Bones, you will loose weight and gain a much healthier perspective on life - as well as talking to a whole load of new people..... enjoy your new doggie - they go so well with boats you know

The pic above is me with Leia at the Bosworth Battlefield site on the Ashby, below is how little she was when she first came to us.
I hope Boots gives you as much pleasure and companionship as Leia has for us,

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