Monday, 18 May 2009

Hip Hip Huraay for dredging

On the boat for a relaxing overnight and did a little fishing and caught a great Bream and Chubb. I'm sure now we have got rid of a foot or so of soft mud the fish will feed more on the bottom and therefore the fishing will improve. I still only catch big fish here - no boast just an observation. I have caught next to no small Chubb, Roach or any of the other species that you get regularly on the cut.

The fishing was so tempting I was up at 6.30 today Sunday (this post will appear on Monday) and was rewarded with another great Bream.

If there is downside to the dreadging is the boat moves a lot more when the speed merchants come through. Its raining hard outside at the moment (Sunday) and I think that 'encourages' people to speed.

No big issue I am relaxed........


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