Saturday, 30 May 2009


So we are looking at another boat...... clickty

Totally disloyal to Waterlily - but we would like bigger and more able to accommodate visitors. Our parents aren't getting younger and it would be nice to offer them breaks on a bigger boat. Technically it is an eight berth ! I can't see us ever accommodating that many but you never know.

It has a lot going for it - it is the boat I am aiming for in layout and size so it is perfect apart for arriving a little early and also it needs a paint job - I am destined to commission a NB paint job.

I have been on it twice now. The Gardner is very imposing. I think the next stage will be/should be a trip out to get a feel for the way such a boat handles - 62 foot on a speed wheel is something to think on...

Any advice ?



Debbie said...

The boat you are looking at, to buy, looks really nice. Ours is 50 ft. We don't have a Dinette which we can live without, but would have been a valuble extra, for dining and for guests. If we ever went for another boat we would probably go to 58ft max. I wouldn't feel comfortable in Locks with anything bigger. Go with your gut instinct, if its what you want go for it! Debbie NB Tickety Boo.

MortimerBones said...

I saw the engine and fainted... GORGEOUS!!!!!

ARe you going to buy it?!

Nev Wells said...


We had a really good look on Saturday - we were on it for a good hour opening all the doors and investigating the mechanics. We are keen and now waiting to get afloat to get a feel for how she swims and to get a feel for a boat with an engine in the boat rather than under it and also how to control it with a speed wheel. Our first boat Comet had a three way control and we got used to that.

We love Waterlily - she is a fine boat for us two, but we'd like to share our good fortune of owning boats and family are getting no younger so Coopers pride would allow us to share our holidays.

We'll see how the sea trials go and take it from there..... watch this space/blog