Saturday, 17 May 2008

I think a boat needs a dog .......

Say hello to Leia.....

She is a 12 week old rescue pup. We are not sure about her make up - one of the shelter staff said she was a Collie and the other said a Collie cross. Whatever, she is a lovely little dog.

We have had to take her to the vets today as she has a cough and as we suspected it is kennel cough. It seems it is mild and she has some antibiotics.

She cannot go public until she has had her second set of injections in a couple of weeks time so for now she has the house and the back garden - no boat yet. That may not be a bad thing. It will allow us to settle her in first.

The cat..... you may remember we tried with Tess an older rescue dog but she was a terrier and straight away went for Tamsin. So far so good with Leia, she is just interested in the cat and the cat has done her hissing and growling bit which put Leia off. They should get on, we expect never the best of friends, but who knows?

Leia - is from Princess Leia, Star Wars , so........

Breed chosen by Rachel, Theme for the name by Callum, Name By Thomas and I chose the dog - so a family effort as it should be.

Lets hope she enjoys boating as much as we do.


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