Monday, 26 January 2009

Some personal stuff.....

Ok, not really personal personal, but a few things that are being processed by my grey matter at this time

Leia Update

Leia, our rescue dog is an absolute pleasure. We could not have hoped for a better natured dog. She is settled into our family life so well. Today we are having her spayed (horrible term) One of out responsibilities in having a rescue dog is to make sure she does not have pups. Its a shame as she has such a nice temperament, but equally any pups she might have would mean other dogs may get left un homed, which is not what we want. I will go and collect her later, I'm sure I'll have to build some trust bridges, after I took her to a place where they caused her pain and stress, but she is so devoted to the family (especially me, which makes me very happy) so I'm sure she will soon recover.

Motor Bike

Andy from Khayamanzi comments that many boaters have interests in either motorbikes or steam engines etc. I am one such person. I blogged a while ago about my 'new bike (ish)'

I really like my Ducati, it fits the bill for the occasional ride out and the trip to Waterlily via Ashbourne is a cracking ride out. However I have a hankering for a touring bike. I would like a Pan European but they are really for serious touring. So I am being draw to swapping my P&J for a Honda Deauville (horrible name)

So what do you think...... Not as sexy as the Ducati but very usable? Decisions, decisions - I think a road test is on the cards (plus I need to get a sensible price for my Ducati if she is to go)- I'll let you know.


Seems like a transport blog this. We are looking to get rid of our T reg Rover 420 for something I can get insured for my lads to drive (they are both taking lessons at the moment) To add them to the Rover insurance would be £2,200 , absolutely daft. To insure my eldest for his own car, even the lowest group was £1,500 So we are looking for a 1.2 Polo 5 door to swap the Rover for, at least when they pass their test they can get insurance, even if it is silly money.


I really wish I could be a little more carefree. Planning is something I do, and I think I do it too much. As an example re the motorbikes above - I am thinking about what I'll do when the time comes to spend more time of the boat (retirement or semi retirement) Should I keep the motorbikes - should I even think about exchanging, will I get the use of if the bike, should I sell the bike and put it to the boat painting fund....... I user to be undecided, but now I'm not sure....... I think, no I will plan not to plan so much in the future !

There is much other stuff going on but this is a primerily a boating blog so I'll leave the jam making concerns for another day,



Kev said...

Hi Nev,
Until a couple of years ago, about the time we ordered 4evermoore, I had a Fireblade, I sold it because of the boat. At times I miss going for a blast, but we spend that much time on the boat when I am at home, I know I did the right thing. As for a tourer, I may have gone for a BMW.
Kev (4evermoore)

Nev Wells said...


BMW's are just too tall for me - I did have one with a sidecar when the lads were a lot younger - and image was not an issue (for them - it was a real hoot to ride/drive for me)

I have decided to keep the Monster for a few more months - I need to ride it to enjoy it for what it is - a blast in the country sort of bike - and like you the boat takes up my time more and more - which is a good thing. Plus the mnoney saved will go to the boat painting fund.

Take care