Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Nice to meet you nice.....

I knew Sue and Vic from NB No Problem were on my patch from reading their excellent blog. I had left a comment saying I would look out for them while on Waterlily last weekend.

The way we drive to our mooring takes us over the visitor moorings at Bagnall lock, a quick scan of the moored boats and I saw what I thought to be their boat. We were intending to wind Waterlily to run the engine and get her facing the preferred direction (up the junction so's to speak) so we set off and I duly met Sue and Vic doing a large scale wood cut for the roof. Well Vic was doing the instructing while Sue did the moving. In Vic's defense he had a bad back after apparently carrying candles (brought at a knock down price) from a shopping trip in Burton on Trent. I hope Sue won't mind me commenting, she is tiny (I'm no giant ) but she was lumping the wood around very efficiently and with much enthusiasm.

It was really good to meet both Sue and Vic - they really are a friendly couple. On the photo's Sue takes Vic always seems to be missing a smile, (sorry Vic) but when I met him he was really friendly and has big smiles - note to Sue, get more pics of Vic smiling ;-)

Now I am back sitting driving this office desk I really am envious of their nomadic and free lifestyle

My Pic is not very good but I want to get it on the blog for posterity.

I need to check if both trees are still there ;-)

Take care you two and keep blogging.....


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