Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A big fan of these...

I have hankered after one of these for some time now.

I wasn't shopping to buy one - but when checking out my double skin chimney at Shobnall boat yard I clocked one on their stove so it was an impulse buy.

It went straight onto the stove on the boat and with only a two hour Wilko log in the Squirrel it was spinning like a top. It did feel warmer, a more even warm if you knw what I mean and the boat did get warmer quicker, we'll see how it goes and report back.

The Smartgauge is doing its job. Normally we'd run the engine on every visit, but last time aboard it was saying the batteries were down to 69% so the engine was not run. Hopefully this weekend we'll take Waterlily down to Alrewas to wind her so she'll get a good run and charge, I'll record the before and after readings on the smartgauge.


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