Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Political comment warning.....

How sad was I to wake up the other morning to the news that Wedgewood was being put into receivership. The Wedgewood moorings on the T&M are always a stop off for us before we go into/through Stoke. We have taken visitors to their factory and done the tour, now it will all cease. Its even more sad to think that this industry gave rise to the canals we enjoy so much today. It was a much better way of moving delicate pottery to the ports at Shardlow and the North east than packhorses.

Its so annoying that this industry, this company that actually makes things - what our country was built on - basic industry, is allowed to sink without trace whilst the fat cat bankers are bailed out after playing monopoly with our money, going unchecked for so many years.

I really feel for all those good hard working individuals that have worked at the factory for so many years. Good luck lads and lasses in getting some other meaningful employment.

My last memory will be of listening to the distant clatter of proper work early one morning while walking Leia to Trentham lock when we moored near by last summer.

I hope the Armitage factory will keep going as this also is one very iconic landmark on the canal near us. All those toilets are a fantastic metaphor for the industry the canal supported and relied on ..... I'm off to find a dark room !



Martin said...

Here here! How sad that the simple truth that you can't generate wealth by moving paper money about had to be demonstrated in the way it has today.

Kev said...

What an excellent point made on your blog, I couldn't agree more on your comment.
Kev & Ann