Monday, 19 January 2009

Pyjama bottoms, one slipper, a dongle and the egg lady off Mothers pearl what have they in common?

Here is a clue....

Yep, over our weekend aboard they all went into the cut !!

After winding the boat on Friday we were returning to our mooring when Rachel suggested we should stop for eggs at NB Mothers Peal on the off side between Bagnall and Common locks. We hailed her as we approached and while holding Waterlily breasted (just about) we did the transaction - then we asked for a bag of kindling wood and as she moved around the boat she disappeared and we heard a splosh - lucky for her it was on the bank side and she went in to to her bum level. We felt really bad - we never even laughed ! She took it in good heart but she earned her £5 for a dozen eggs (fresh that day) and a large bag of wood bits.

Later that evening after some Guinness and wine and a lot of frustration trying to surf the web, I'll blog about that later, I had my 3 broadband dongle hanging out of the window, I pulled the cable to get it in and it came off where it joined the extension cable - 12 gigabytes of future use took a dive in the cut !!!!

I was not sure if it would float or sink, as I rushed outside it was not floating... but luckily (on 2 counts) the canal was quite clear as no boats had been moving, and I had the white version of the dongle. I could see it lying in the mud on the bottom. I used my garden rake (from doing BW's job of mowing and clearting my mooring grass) to locate it after failed attempts with the boat hook. Every attempt disturbed the masses of mud on the bottom. In moving down the side of the boat, plop, in went my slipper, that was thinking about sinking in sympathy with the dongle(my slippers are black) but was lifted out by the boat hook just in time.

I eventually recovered the dongle and feared the worst, I took out the sim and left in to dry out near the stove overnight. I was very please to find it was still working when plugged in the next afternoon - just a shame the Internet connection from 3 was so poor...

Then on Sunday when Rachel was cleaning the boat she decided to give the duvet a good shake and managed to shake my pyjama bottom into the cut... once again the boat hook did its stuff.

I hope that these episodes complete the cut dipping for the wells family for 2009 !



Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Reminds me of when my dear hubby was standing by the open side hatch with his brand spanking new PDA...along comes one of the hounds who jumps up to give him a kiss...neatly flicking the PDA out of his hand, through the hatch and 'plop' into the cut. We didn't share your determination to retrieve our loss though...

Nev Wells said...


How I know that feeling... see

That was my very expensive works mobile - it sits in my draw at work dreaming of working again.

It all worked out fine in the end as I got a replacement newer model that came with sat nav ;-)

Thinking about it there are now newer models out there.......:-0