Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Slow day on the Mac

Not the lovely Macclesfield canal we were on last year - rather my Mac computer. I like messing with computer, but to a point, that was why got the Mac - now I'm messing with the Mac.

Its all to do with web pages and wireless speeds. Just recently the loading of pages has got painful, so I googled slow mac connections and found this useful bit of discussion and tips. It has speeded up my machine, but I'm still not happy as I've been doing some scientific side by side experiments with my vista laptop and it seems to win out just about every time and sometime the web pages take a lot longer to actually connect. The above fix has helped but I need MORE performance from the Mac.

Its on trial and I do like it but, but, but - there is something not quite right. I am of course overlooking all the positives the Mac offers, but I expect computing perfection.

So on the off chance anyone has advice on connecting Macs to wireless (draft n router) please get in touch. Also how do I measure the connection speed and signal I am getting??

Answer in the comments if you will be so kind.



Bruce in Sanity said...


For sig strength, try CheetahWatch.

It gives signal and mode info for the Huawei modem.



Nev Wells said...


I have tried this app, but I think it is just for modem type connections. I was looking for something that would give me an indication of the performace with my new wireless modem/router.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Ah, right. I take it you've Googled for any postings in the various forums on mobile internet and the Mac?

In your situation, I'd also try posting to the canals list, in the hopes that the ultimate Mac guru Andy Greener picked it up.