Monday, 5 January 2009

I really am missing something.....

My bout of man flu has eased to an annoying cough. I really was ill between Christmas and the New Year and felt sooo bad, I celebrated New Year with the first meal for a while - 6 fish fingers and a lemsip, I do man flu real well ;-)

So after looking forward to a nice week and a bit off, it all slipped by mainly in bed feeling poo. My first day of feeling anything like normal and I'm back at work. This is made all the more frustrating by reading my regular blogs, and enjoying their descriptions and photo's of the ice on the cut. I have just checked back to when we were on board last year and were frozen in

So a thank you in no real order to the following for my iced in fix for tonight. I will try and get to Waterlily before the ice goes way....

Piston Broke

Keep blogging.....



Keith and Jo said...

Oh Nev I am so sorry you have had a miserable festive time. Still it gave you time to read all the blogs ha ha ha. I hope that 2009 will be kind to you and you have a good cruising season.
Hugss Jo

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

I will find you some icy photo's today as we are 'fixed' again today!
Take care

Halfie said...

You have my sympathies too, Nev. To cheer you up have a few more ice pictures. Check out my blog's post of 6th Jan 2009.

Happy new year!

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the link -I have enjoyed reading of your travels over ground we cruised when we had Sylph in the Ownerships scheme.

It was stockton top marina that I fell in - after collecting our car from the North Stratford canal after moving Sylph one year. I remember thinking how smelly the marina water was as I climbed out !


I hope you get released sometime soon, it can be nice being forced to stay in one place, but I do think back to what ice meant for the working boatmen and women. It was the year of my birth that the canal froze solid for a few months and saw the end of what was left of the canal carrying industry.

Take care all and look our for me on the cut sometime soon,