Thursday, 22 January 2009

Boat jobs....

After a lazy Saturday on the boat last weekend I was feeling guilty enough to do a couple of simple little jobs on Waterlily on Sunday morning.

First one was to fit a decent external aerial. I have brought one from Wilkinsons that when I 'built it' it was far too big. I replaced in on a trip to Litchfield on the Saturday with a much more compact one that now sits very purposely on front cratch board using a proper aerial pole. I also tidied up all the cable for the aerial and satellite so I can plug whichever I want to use in - I like tidy cables !

I then replaced the plastic curtain track above the front doors with a nice brass pole to match it to all the other poles on the boat - not sure why the last owners used the plastic on the front curtains - it was very obvious when you came aboard.

I repaired the shower and sorted the lamp out in the lounge. All in all a very proactive morning. Doing these jobs gives me a better understanding of the boat and makes it feel more like mine (even though we have owned her for coming up to two years)

I found a receipt when clearing out a drawer that related to the fitting of the inverter and also a third battery. This help the history of the boat as we were unable to get any info from the previous owners as sadly the gent died which was why Waterlily was on brokerage.


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