Sunday, 24 August 2008

My new bike.....ish

I posted a while ago about my Ducati. While I was away on my trip up the Macclesfield my P&J was getting a makeover.......

From Blue to proper Ducati Red

When I first saw and brought the Ducati the fact it was blue was a little disappointment, but I wanted another V twin and a Ducati was my preference. When the tail piece fell off recently and got badly scratched up an excuse was given for a respray. I brought the belly pan off ebay to complete the look. Originally I was going to have it with white stripes but at the eleventh hour I went for the plain 2001 Ducati red look with the latest Monster decal (there is the word Monster in black under the white Ducati) I might put some text on the belly pan.
Cordwells did the work- -about 300 quid and I am pleased with it. I am also pleased I managed to put all the bits back on without scratching or damaging anything.
I keep thinking about selling my bike - now it looks so good I have put this off again....I took a 60 mile trip out into Derbyshire today to ensure the tank and fueling was OK - I ached by the time I came back (fibromyalgia) but on the whole it was worth it.

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