Friday, 9 January 2009

Summer cruising plans

Yes, we are going to have a summer this year. I have it on order, starting mid April and breaking with a big thunder storm on my birthday in August. So relax its covered.

My lack of cruising action has got me thinking about where we might find ourselves this year on the boat. Our first trip on Sylph our shared ownership boat was up the Caldon. I like the route to Stoke from Fradley, a long week to Frogshall basin will be in order.

When we brought Waterlily up from Whilton in 2007 after we had purchased her we had a great run up the North Oxford and the Coventry. I'd like to re run this, maybe taking in the Ashby in a two weeker.

One thing we will not be doing this year is taking our two weeks in the school holidays. This year our youngest finishes sixth form so from about mid May we will not have kids at school any more and so be free from taking holidays in the busy periods.

They haven't been coming on the smaller holidays we have had recently, they just like the cruises (big ships not canal) and the America trips - there's a surprise!!

So we will be mainly overnighting during the summer holidays, in and around Fradley, it can be the best way to enjoy Fradley in the quite summer evenings.

So, The Caldon and Ashby will be the 2009 and wealth willing


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