Monday, 25 August 2008

Trip details and some photo's

So it was 120 miles and 76 locks from Hunts lock to Fourlane ends on the Macclesfield and back. We were out for 10 days and it felt like it rained for most of them at some point.

Images are worth a thousand words - and easier to put onto the blog.....

On the way to pick up our crew, just after we have done the Fradley locks

Leia taking an early nap

We were waiting at Sandon lock as the thunderstorm demonstrated the weather to come....

This was the thunderstorm after it had passed us

Colwich lock was not very busy at all - which if you know the route is a good thing

We timed our arrival at Harcastle tunnel perfectly as we were able to water up before we went through. The police helicopter buzzed us most of the way from Festival marina, we found out they were looking for a flasher !

My mum helping us moor up after day three (Leia is standing by waiting to help)

This Rachel taking Waterlily up the Bosley 12 locks, on the tight turn between locks 1 and 2

This shows how stunning the scenery is on the Macc...

There is a Heron in this picture somewhere...

Another nice pic and some blue sky

Some more of the same lovely countryside

This is a moon shot from our moorings above Bosley locks - I still cannot get anywhere close to Andrew Denny's fantastic night shots

My birthday the Fools Nook - very apt and nice meal in a friendly pub

Then back off towards the Trent and Mersey but via this electric swing bridge - following a hen party day boat !

Rachel took this much better photo of Mr (or Mrs) Heron, spot its plastic mate in the reeds

This is one of the Maccs 'snake bridges' designed so the horse does not have to be unhitched when the tow path swaps over

Yours truly looking typically miserable

We were the last boat (just made it) through the Harcastle tunnel. Looking back to the entrance

The Tuesday was very wet. You can see the lock leaking top middle right, normally these leaks stop as the lock empties this one was still running as we left the lock
Tom and Lucy braving the crap weather I think this was Aston lock (half way on the Trent and Mersey) For the record there is a new Marina to be built here - surely they have reached saturation point ?

The rain did stop on the last Tuesday, just in time for a little fishing in the late evening.

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