Monday, 21 January 2008

Would you want to know ........

Maybe some advice on a dilemma?

We brought Waterlily from Whilton Marina (no link - I'll explain why in a future post) The lady who was selling her was doing so as she had lost her husband and could not/did not want to carry on boating. It was sad as it was obvious the couple had looked after the boat very well. It was seemingly prepped for a new seasons cruising that was never achieved.

All of our contact was via the brokers so we never met or spoke to the lady.

The question is do you think she would appreciate a letter telling her who we are and where Waterlily is now? If it were me I think I would want to know what happened to my boat and that someone was looking after it and enjoying it in the same way I did.

What do you think?



ray h said...

I think she probably would appreciate knowing the boat has gone to a 'good home'. You could mention your blog and she can then keep up to date with its adventures as she chooses

Sarah said...

I think so too; it can't hurt to offer. I know that with Andante I kept in touch with the previous owner and we became quite good, if passing, friends. I'd like to know what she's doing now myself - and indeed whether she did get painted (we'd bought all the paint and left it on board but apparently the new owner liked her in battleship grey). Last I heard she hadn't - and I heard that from Mike, the previous owner. And as for Warrior of course, we're more than a bit in touch with that one's former owners! On the other hand, Mike had gone on to get a bigger boat, it might feel a bit different if you've had to give up boating or it holds sad memories. But you won't know unless you ask.

Anonymous said...

I think you should definately contact the lady.

Nev Wells said...

Thanks for the positive comments. I did feel it was right to make contact and your comments have affirmed that decision, I'll drop the lady a letter and let you know what goes on from that point,

Take care


drew dunn said...

dear nev
i deffinetly would get in contact with the lady if i was you. Also what happened to commet, because you said, in one of your posts you are now the proud owner of waterlilly.


Nev Wells said...


We sold Comet to buy Waterlily.... I hope to ge to that bit in a few posts time - I have some nice photo's of Comet having her survey that will be next,

Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog,

Take care


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Did you ever contact the lady and if so did you get a reply?

Nev Wells said...


I'm somewhat ashamed to say I did not. Not for any reason just time. I will make the effort and put an update on my blog.

I suppose the only positive of my lack of action is that time has passed and any memories I trigger should be a little less painful and maybe welcome?