Monday, 21 February 2011

Cycle rage

Not very proud of myself today.... I was pulled out on by two lads today while cycling between sites for work. I caught up with them and challenged them and he smirkingly admitted he had seen me but he needed to go for the gap !

When I said he forced me to skid into the gutter he smiled and shrugged. Red mist time saw me reach in to his car and turn off his engine, my intention was to lob his key across the road .... he managed to stop me and I cycled off.

At the next set of lights I cycled in the centre of the road stopping him overtaking me. The irony was I caught him up again when he got to the city centre - just as he went through a bus only set of lights.

Daft really as there were two of them and anything can go nowadays. On my return journey a taxi saw me go onto a roundabout and just pulled out on me and indicated I should slow down!!

Cycle commuting is a real challenge/risk and made much more dangerous with daft interactions - just let it go but that red mist !!

Anyhow more relaxed now after a coupe of hours of Call of Duty.

Take care (especially those of you who cycle)


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Starcross said...

Nev, I find an (imaginary) rocket launcher on the handlebars works wonders!