Sunday, 20 February 2011

Computing the solution

At great expense of time and hair I have found the solution.........

Boot camp - a sort of marriage of Jordan and Stephen Hawkins if you like .

Test - it has Memory map on with my maps to the Iphone for walking and Geocaching plus games with no cd patches installed and the very reliable and user friendly Mac OS for those blogging and photo processing needs.

Not patented so next time you need to replace your PC do it with a Mac and bootcamp !


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Jaqueline Almdale said...

Wonderful to read an actual user's experience with Boot Camp. I was a confirmed Mac user all my life for personal use. I gave up my G5 to my favorite youngest daugher for college and opted for a cheap rebuilt Dell in its place--no comparison. I always thought of the difference btwn PCs and Macs as this: PC's were created by linear, left brained thinkers who delight in graphing, complex calulations, and coding-decoding; Macs were created by right brained artisans who wanted to interface with the world in a very imaginative, creative manner yet have the capacity to do the other stuff--without needing a Ph.D in computer science to operate it. ;)
I look forward to more reports on the use of Boot camp and your Mac.