Friday, 11 February 2011

Tiller job done

I got an email from Stuart earlier in the week to tell me the tiller bearings job has been completed. I needed a few bits from Midland chandlers at Willington so went over got my bits (news bilge pump and lamp oil) and carried on to Fradley.

I'm very pleased with the work done - to time to the quote provided and I now have a perfect rattle free tiller arm. I popped on the tiller arm, the lovely hinged one Rachel brought me for my birthday and fired the engine up and ran the boat in gear at a few different speeds (Sorry Mandy if you are reading this as it would have buffeted you a little) and all was well. One othr benefit was at certain 'engine charging' revs the tiller would hit a resonance that rolled through the boat - no more.

The real test will be this weekend when we go out on a mini cruise to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary (Feb 14th) No sure where we will be going yet. I quite fancy Great Heywood but it has given really poor weather for Sunday so we may just go until we fancy stopping - as it should be.

The grease nipple thread was different so Stuart is sending me one over as I am happy to fit it myself.

I am happy to recommend Stuart. His email address is


JR said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, Nev. It's our 30th on Valentines Day and we will be in Prague - romantic old sod?

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I have the same rudder set up as you and after I changed my top bearing a fitted a rubber disk on the rudder shaft above the bearing to deflect the worst of the rain and snow. I made the disk from a piece of tractor tyre iner tube.
As like you I had already refitted the swan neck, so what I did was cut two rubber disks id to suit shaft od a bit bigger than the bearing. I then cut them between the iner and outer so I could slip them round the shaft and then laminated them together with Evo-stick with the cut 180 deg apart.
Does that make sense?