Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bones beats me to it!

Third iphone app to see if I can blog mobile !

This one should include some photos that I took yesterday on the trip out.....................

Edited to remove the daft large photo and replace it with a more appropriate photo - taken yesterday on getting to the boat.

The Iphone does not do blogging...



MortimerBones said...

you managed a picture?!! Well done!!!!!

It is quite unusual for me to be ahead of the game, I feel quite proud... but it is only because I have friends who know about these things.

Nev Wells said...

Well a large picture with the side cut off !

My very limited research to date concludes that blogging is one of the weaknesses of the Iphone. I tried three apps and the only one that would allow pics only let me upload one pic per post !

Back to the laptop for now.

Take care


Paul said...

I have blogpress for my iphone. i will send a test blog, see what you think

Nev Wells said...


I have subsequently found that app and trying it..... just need to work out how to link facebook and twitter with my main bligger account?

Take care