Saturday, 26 February 2011

Computers again.... and skiing is on my agenda to sort out the computers I use - work and home. Work stuff you most probably don't wont to know about but at home I had a windows 7 box that sounded like an RB211 jet engine.

I also had the problem of complete lock up's which in my experience is usually due to over heating. I knew my brother in law had a new unused coolmaster case so last night on impulse I phoned him and did the deal, collected it and spent the next hour and a half taking all the bits from my old RB211 case into the new cool master case. I have no issues doing this I have built many computers from parts - I do not buy off the shelf desktops preferring to spec them for what I tend to use them for (games playing in the main)

He kindly included half a box of sound proofing (!) material that I liberally applied.

Pleased to say I connected it all back up and it booted perfectly but was still a little loud - solution was into the Bios and set the CPU and box fan speed now its perfect, I just need to download the Asus utilities so I can keep an eye on the temps as I play away !!

Now we are off to Tamworth snow dome for a two hour skiing lesson which was a Christmas present from Tom our eldest. He would like a family skiing holiday so this is our first taste - I'll let you know how I we get on.


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