Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Write to your MP or lose the canals as we know them

Here is an excellent link to the NBW forums discussing the greed within BW directors. Click me.....

It gives some useful words to copy and paste into your own letters. Please Please put this on your blogs so we get many MP's receiving letters highlighting both the PM's promise and the greed of these 9 people. They cannot and should not be Tupe'd over to the new organisation with these salaries. The new organisation can stop this by not having these posts for them to occupy. They they become redundant ! People power will win the day.


Edited to add this link so you can find your MP


eimages said...

The problem is that they might have 5 year service contracts, back dated bonuses outstanding and pension entitlements. If they are made redundant these payments will become due immediately plus payments in lieu of notice (it is not cheap getting rid of senior employees - feathering nests comes to mind!). The only hope is if the government will pay for the severance packages or if they are asked to and agree to take pay cuts/reduced benefits, hours, etc .

Sarah said...

I agree that these salaries are shockingly high, particularly for the public sector, and that there's no way the postholders are 'worth' that kind of money. But the principle of trying to undermine or get around TUPE makes me uneasy. If it can be done - and accepted by the likes of us - in this case, what's to stop that being taken as a precedent for screwing the workers whom TUPE is supposed to protect? I'm sure it happens anyway, but should we be seen to support it? On the other hand, there is probably a genuine and strong case for restructuring.

Nev Wells said...

Two very interesting replies. Moral question - should those on very hgh and lucrative contracts be protected so that those on lesser contracts contine to enjoy some protection.

I seem to have these judgement calls every day in my job. There usually is a common sense answer.

I think the type of contract has to be factored in as eimages notes these hight contracts usually are protected in their own rights.

They surely cannot have both...maybe to get one you have to opt out of the other. In respect of the present situation, they should be given the option to Tupe over on a lesser end of employment contract. It could be in this instance it is too late, unless they have morals or we can shame them.

For the future - one or the other

Halfie said...


Nev Wells said...

Transfer of Undertakings & Protection of Employment

We will all hear a lot more of this as many jobs are contracted out.

Basically if a firm comes in to do your job you can go over to that firm to do the same job on the same terms and conditions - for just 2 years.