Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Cruising plans 2010

I am nothing if not consistent. Last night I put my mind to cruising for 2010. I checked back and I blogged about our 2009 cruising plans on the 9th January. I said I'd like to do the Ashby and the Caldon again - we did both and had great weather and great cruises.

This year I'd like a longer cruise so I am planning to be out for three weeks in May. The outline plans are for a week with the lads - similar to our November 2008 cruise and then Rachel joining me for the following two weeks.

The destination will be the end of the Llangollen canal. The Llangollen was our first canal and set the seed that has got me to this point, boat(s) blog and all. When we did the canal some 10 years ago we only made it to Frankton Junction so this will be the completion of our maiden journey.

Now how to get there -this is one of the joys of summer cruise planning in the depths of winter. Canalplan AC is the star of the show for such planning. I wanted to know if going to Hurleston Junction was less lock miles going via the tunnel and heartbreak hill or via Autherly junction and north up the shroppie.

It is shorter via Stoke but I'd rather not got out and back the same way so we will do the four counties again.... I need to review the table of overnight stops to see which way is more convenient for crew changes and car swaps etc. Based on 6 hours cruising per day it can be done in 20 days leaving a free day for unforeseen issues. The total trip will be 222 miles with 150 locks - quite a cruise, I'm looking forward to is already.

Now those overnight stops, where is my Nicholsons ?



MortimerBones said...

is the Southern Oxford on the way?!


Nev Wells said...


Not quite - not sure how many counties that would make it.... I really should visit the southern oxford - maybe an autumn cruise, but it would have to be in stages. Watch out for my blog about electric bikes as I think they are the future !! That would enable me to move the boat and get back home or to a car some distance away.

You could always join us - cruise that tub if yours North and see the sights??