Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Years walk Willington to Stenson

It was plumbing in a new radiator at home or a canal fix so I loaded Leia into the car and buzzed off to Willington for a walk. Initially I was only going down as far as the new Mercia Marina entrance but it was so nice I walked on.....

I found this little package on the picnic table - dirty buggers I thought until on closer inspection it was apparent it was Christmas cake - no doubt for the birds !!

This sign made me chuckle .... I woundered what speed a boat would have to hit the bridge at to pose any threat....

This was the very sturdy bridge it was related to

This was the terminus for our walk - Stenson marina. It was very quiet , nothing like when we cruised past here in 2008 when there was a good queue for the lock. We met the guy who sadly drowned at the end of 2008 off his boat back at Willington - very sad.

Incidentally the lock here is the last broad lock on Trent and Mersey.

We walked back to the car as the light was fading - a really nice walk. There were just three boats on the move the whole 2 hours we were walking.


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