Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Another place

I have allowed myself the luxury of route retracing as an act of distraction relaxation. Its a simple but form of day dreaming. I find I do it most in meetings or presentations.

I do it properly and include untying ropes and mooring up when I come to locks. Today I did the route from Fradley to bridge 69 just after Rugeley while in a particulalrly uninteresting presentation. It gives me a great feeling of calm to retrace old routes and enjoy my recollections.

I have the Ashby to redo and also I may do the Leek branch of the Caldon. Of course I don't remember all the twists and turns but then I can refer back to my Nicolsons when I am next at home or on the boat.

One day the day dreams will be real day to day cruises..... the clock has been ticking for a while and the plans get bigger, more real and more exciting.

One of the presenters today was someone who had been on the Channel 4 series 'the secret millionaire' One thing she said that stuck was if you want something just go out and do it/get it. I like that and as I get older the risks are less and therefore the outcomes more likely.



Halfie said...

Nev, the image comes to mind of suddenly being aware of a schoolteacher leaning over one, saying one's name, and asking, "So, what do you think?"

Have you ever been "found out"?

Nev Wells said...


I fear it is only a matter of time ..... the knack is mooring up now and then and checking meeting/presentation progress !!