Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pete's a smug git - I love this post

Pete on NB Pickles has posted how smug he is right now - I think this is a top post and is worth a read

It represents how I feel about my boat - simple but functional. While tech is good it represents an opportunity to fail whereas a simple wood burner and engine, a couple of batteries plus gas makes for a simple self contained existence.

I like the comment about T shirts aboard. Just imagine the thoughts of those trudging along the towpaths looking in with sympathy for the poor cold boater to see Pete warm and toasty in his t shirt - priceless. It's just frustrating I'm not aboard this weekend. That's due to being on standby for work and also a wedding tomorrow, if I can get to it.

Pete tells of the winter of 1963 that in effect was the death of commercial freight carrying on the canals as the cut was frozen for many weeks. I was born in the summer of 1962. Just the right age for someone else to ensure I was warm and safe during that winter. No central heating or gas fires then in our 2 up 2 down - that was all coal fires.... I must talk to my mum about that winter.


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