Monday, 4 January 2010

I want one.....

The last boat we saw when out on our New Years eve walk was an unnamed what must have been a former working boat coming past us near the bridge to Findern.

It looked and sounded fine ... a real joy to see it looking so purposeful and solid. I could imagine living in the back cabin is part of the joy of owning such a great boat. I can understand however what it must have been like for the real boaters and their families living in such a space.

I have been reading Sara's Warrior blog about her purchase of a (not small but) large Woolwich ex working boat Chertsey. Chertsey has its own blog now which I will follow with great interest.

I might just spend an couple of hours reading the old boat blogs listed on Sarah's Chertsey blog.



Anonymous said...

Is that the only liquid canal?? Everywhere else seems to be frozen solid! There'd be an exodus to this warm spot except that everyone's iced in :-)

Sue, Indigo Dream

Halfie said...

Nev, Sarah thinks she has a Big Woolwich, not a small one! (Not that I could tell the difference. Presumably a big one is bigger (longer?) than a small one.)

Nev Wells said...


The pic was taken on New Years eve. I was on Waterlily yesterday and the T&M has a crust on it that was broken by a boat as we arrived. I expect by now as boat movements will be less due to everyone being back at work it will be frozen over and with the forecast of it not getting above freezing again before next Monday I can see it being well and truly frozen later this week.

Halfie - I fear I may have insulted Sarah's new boat..... !