Thursday, 7 January 2010

Emergency evacuation

Ralph Freeman has written another good piece on his section of NarrowboatWorld.

He starts here by suggesting that the boating community should come up with locations for evacuation off boats. I know whenever I cruise I always use a Nicholsons - and I pretty much know where I am in relation to main roads etc. I just like looking at maps ! I cant understand the hirers who do not have a clue where they are, where the next lock is or more importantly where the next pub is?? Many times I have shared my Nicholsons with them to give them an idea of where they are and what it will take to get to their days destination.

Ralph goes on to salute the continuous cruisers and I second that. I know how cosy it can be on a narrowboat but I also know what it takes to keep it so. That is before water and waste are taken into account.

I think this winter is going to be tough.... we have started the really cold stuff early compared to other years. This could go on to March... we might have to be sending food parcels to some of the bloggers on the right !!

One final observation... it looks like Ralph has been promoted as his link via his name was always at the end of the list of contributors.



Anonymous said...

When we hired a boat many years ago (the start of a short decline into narrowboat obsession!) the boat was stocked with the relevant Nicholson's.

I understand that the hire companies don't provide them any more - presumably because of theft. It's a great shame as I doubt whether people will buy their own copy just for a 1 week cruise.

Mind you, we're well stocked with maps but even we've sometimes lost track of where we are on long stretches between locks/bridges :-)

Keep warm.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nev Wells said...


When we hired our first boat I brought a copy of the four counties and welsh canals - and I still have it but I have brought another copy so I can plan home and aboard !