Monday, 27 April 2009

Top tip - poo tank

While aboard last week our tank started to fill up after we had had the expensive (£20) pump out at Swan Line at Fradley.

When we were with Ownerships there was the ownerships toilet pyramid - you might be able to imagine what I am referring to ?
I inspected and identified a good thick layer of deposit in the tank. Previously with ownerships we stirred the tank with a likely stick from the hedgerow. This has its limitations and risks, little bend and opportunity to snap and leave a pump blocker in place.
I used me noodle and took off the very bendy last section of my whip (like a fishing pole but shorter - ideal for the canals)
The top section was quite long and plenty bendy enough top get at the stuff well stirred. The Streethay machine was working very hard as could be seen by the hose pulsating as it did its thing.......

This will now become the default action prior to any future pump outs. You can buy the whip for as little as a fiver from many tackle shops - get a few pole winders (floats with the hook weights and line already set up) and after a good clean the whip can be used for its intended purpose (just remember to buy a fishing license)


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Heth said...

Well done Nev,

You've just added a new dimension to all future pumpout debates...!

The poo tank has been referred to several times on my own blog recently - which I must put a stop too...