Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Best laid plans

The grand plan was to move Waterlily up to Great Heywood in preparation for next weeks cruise to Froghall basin on the Caldon. As we were not on our mooring the necessary cleaning equipment was to be carted over to where Waterlily was moored for a spring clean. On waking Monday morning I had collected a nice cold which had flared up other conditions meaning I felt off it. So we reviewed options and decided a trip to the Ashby would be nice (about 60 locks less as well)

This meant we could have a more leisurely couple of days......

First day was with a good couple of hours fruitless fishing and reverse gongoozling. There were many more visitors to Fradley on Bank holiday Monday than boats. There were quite a few boats but nothing like the queues I have seen in the past.

Tuesday was a clean and fettle day. I'll blog about me fettle later, but the boat has had its spring clean and feels so much better for it. The day was completed with a pump out, diesel, gas and water - so all ready for my eldest to take advantage of our pre planning by being on board for a couple of days prior to our departure at the weekend.

£20 quid for a pump out at Swan Line was the low point of the weekend - anyone else been charged this for a pump out recently??


Bruce in Sanity said...

£20 for a pump out? That's the highest I've ever heard of. It's not as if Geoff does a particularly good one.

Go down to Fazeley Mill and pay Corrinne £15 if she does it, or £12 if you do it yourself.



Alan said...

We were charged this once but cannot remember where exactly. I do know that we had no alternative at the time.

Lazy Days

Nev Wells said...


I have a feeling this was not all as seems. I moored up and asked for a pump out. The guy doing it (Owner is on holiday for a month!)came up and said do you know it's £20 for a pump out..... Blimey that’s an increase I said but we needed one so I tell him to get on with it. When I come to pay the lady in the shop says was it a £20 pump out (I should have said why why other versions are they) When the owner is back I'll find a way of letting him know what was being charged while he was away (if it was different)


Nev Wells said...


When the tank is full there are few options ... thats why I prefer to use the casette loo when its just me and the wife aboard.