Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Some while ago I asked BW questions about dredging the moorings Waterlily is on. Sometimes getting on and off our moorings is 'fun' as it is very shallow and we get a silt bar build up - all no doubt due to being at the bottom of a very busy flight at Fradley.

At the time BW said Easter next year - I took this with a pinch of salt - but true to their word there was a sign on the locked gate to our moorings asking us to contact a number to get an update on the proposed works. Last week I got a text from BW saying they were to start on the 1st April and if I wanted Waterlily moorings dredged then to move my boat 'onside' before the 1st.

So last night after work I went up and moved Waterlily to the Fradley visitor moorings - being on the pins at Hunts lock would have possibly meant being pulled out as some boaters don't always go by on tickover !

So this morning I woke up to a fine sunrise as I walked Leia to Woodend lock and back. It was nice to have my breakfast on board and commute from the cut.

Just be interesting to see how long it takes BW to complete the job - but to date - Well done BW



Anonymous said...

Progress 01/04/09 = 2 boat lengths.
Progress 02/04/09 = zero.
Progress 03/04/09 = ? (TBA).
I'd move back to your mooring for the weekend if I were you. Chris.

Nev Wells said...

Thanks Chris,

We decided to abuse the 48 hour moorings a little longer. We are expecting them to have it done for good Friday !

I spoke to Huff'n'puff and they were pleased with the result - felt like you were back on a boat with more movement and plenty of water underneath.

Just hope it improves the fishing when done !!

Take care


Halfie said...

Hi Nev - we seem to have missed you. Were you on your boat today (Sunday)? We're now moored up two boats in front of you (arrived 5.30 pm). I'm planning on an early start in the morning so I don't suppose you'll be about then...

Nev Wells said...


That's a shame - we were aboard Friday/Saturday - I have to post about our recent visit..... The call to the motorbike was too strong so we came off Saturday to go out on it Sunday.

Another time.....

Have a safe trip,


Anonymous said...

Progress 08/04/09 = they will be doing our mooring tomorrow morning.
Cheers, Chris.

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the update - I was going to come over first thing to move Waterlily back..... I hope they get us done tomorrow as well??