Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The only way is up.....

.....my favourite canal the Trent and Mersey. I know there are others but I like the T&M as it gives me so much enjoyment now and also fond memories of my dad when we used to go fishing together between Stenson and Swakestone. When he was younger him and my mum would ride their tandem to Shardlow from Derby and fish, even in winter. My mum tells me stories of them breaking the ice on the canal so he could fish.

This is my Dad with my eldest son Tom and our last dog Cindy. He died a bit after this was taken - my lad is now 21 !

I just know he would have loved being on my boat. Beer and fishing and a few roll ups would have been just perfect. I do think of him a lot when I am aboard.

The only way is up was to suggest where we will be heading over the next few weeks. Not sure how why or where but we want to get to the basin at Froghall at the end of the Caldon. We have got to get gas, pump out, diesel, water, spring clean, coal (if we need it) plus get my lad and his young lady on Waterlily for a few days, they just want so moored up quality time. Who knows he may get the urge to start cruising?

One point - I hope I did not offend all private boaters - I know the vast vast majority enjoy the canals and treat them with respect as well as other users of the cut - its just a small minority..... Now I am starting to get to be the person I feared most - the canal guy who moans about other boaters.............



Keith and Jo said...

Hi Nev. Have a lovely time on the T&M. If your passing Roger Fullers in Stone, give the yard a wave for us. The T&M holds great memories for us, as it is where Hadar was born. We will be back there in August.

A moaning boater you?
Never. You just feel like the majority of boaters. It makes my blood boil at times, because of the lack of respect, but hey I will not get on my soap box just now. Happy cruising. Jo x

Nev Wells said...

Hey Jo,

It's good to hear from you. I follow your excellent blog as it is a 'fix' for me while away from the cut.

Stone is a lovely place - one we wouldn't mind retiring to (if we can afford a boat and a house and early retirement.)

We'll give Roger Fuller's place a nod as we pass by...

Take care


Halfie said...

You can't have offended many people, Nev; not enough for them to comment on that post, anyway!