Thursday, 30 April 2009

Richard the third was on our boat.... ?

When we were recently on the Ashby (photo blog to follow) we moored for the night on the battlefield moorings which are to be recommended.

Just below the moorings is a stone to mark the place Richard the third fell during the Battle of Bosworth against Henry Tudor. As we came back to our boat after a late evening walk we visited the stone and 'paid our respects'.

Earlier in the day I had tried and failed to get our wind up radio to work - giving up assuming the battery was FUBAR'd

So at precisely 5.30 in the morning it came to life at full volume with white noise...... scared the bejesus out of me and Rachel, turned it off and then it would not restart......we recon Dick came aboard to give us a scare, damn Plantagenet kings I say.

Do you believe in ghosts...?

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