Thursday, 23 April 2009

It pays to check

Going back a few days - to last Tuesday after the bank holiday we were aboard cleaning and I was in the engine hole checking bits. Last winter RCR had done a service and checked the alternator and advised I had a new fan belt - I had one 'in stock' and it was fitted.

I checked it last Tuesday ad it did not feel tight enough for me so I adjusted it. The green light that is the advarc battery monitoring system had been intermittently flashing and RCR previously had said it was an indication the advarc was not working correctly - he disconnected it and a few days later the starter battery was flat ! I reconnected it and the starter recovered but the green light did its thing again. After tightening the fan belt the green light stopped flashing - only to be on at low revs at start up - as to be expected. So my checks paid off. The belt was slipping and the alernatir not charging - now the batteries get upto charge quicker as well - a result.

I also checked the engine mounts and the hoses as last year we had a breakdown when a hose wore through after rubbing on the engine, so people make sure you get involved with your engine - its the life of the boat !

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English Blogger (Davie B) said...

Thanks for the heads up Nev I will spend a bit of time down in the bay with my spanners.