Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Monday on the Ashby

Monday saw us ready for a longer day.

We got off to a good start being first on the Atherstone flight. These really are a nice flight of locks going through some lovely countryside and even when going through Atherstone itself still are very pleasant.

There was a hire boat with a willing crew behind us who were very helpful closing our lock gates as we left. We did the flight in two and a quarter hours - and moored up and went shopping in Atherstone at 11.15.

We rewarded our hard work with fish and chips before setting off for destination Ashby canal.

The first part of the afternoons cruise was great in fantastic weather just the one cloud in the sky – literally. The canal is very windey here as it goes around the quarries and spoil heaps between Atherstone and Nuneaton. Arriving in Nuneaton is the opposite to Atherstone – not bad but they have not embraced the canal at all. Before long we were swinging onto new waters for us – the Ashby and straight away we could see how pretty is is. The early cutting is very similar to the Shroppie

We moored up on a recommended mooring from a boater I spoke to at the top of the Atherstone flight – Twinkle, nice boat name - he was headed for Wales. Very rural and unusual in that I could get a good signal on my 3 dongle – now there a first ! However I was too tired to blog properly so I just dropped down a few notes to be published later (Today being Wednesday)

No pics today as on my reliable vodaphone gprs connection - 3 failes again it really is very poor.

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