Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Battlefield moorings

It does not get a lot better than Tuesdays cruising. Perfect warm weather, few boats and a fantastic canal. We had a lazy start 9.45 and ambled up to the battlefield moorings (thanks to Andy's dad for the reccommendation - shouted over when we met briefly at Fradlet last week )on just before bridge 36. We arrived at just after 2 and ate slept and them walked. Going around the battlefield site at 5 was great as we were the only couple there.

We did a couple of geocaches trying out Geoscout on my phone - now I know how it works I would recommend it as it downloads the caches local to your position so you can geocache on the fly so to speak. This and my version of Memory map software means I'm well covered for walking and caching

The moorings are to be recommended as they are offside and very quite at night. I fished into the darkness with the bird singing slowly quietening down to nothing to be replaced by hooting owls - perfect end to the day.

We watched a DVD on the 19.99 sainburys DVD player I brought for the trip - no more messing about hooking laptops up to the tv.

As we are cruising every day we are ending the day with 100% on the battery monitor - using about 30 % each night for lights pumps and tv/freeview or DVD box. Now the alternator it working efficiently we get about 10% per hour into the batteries - all good to know !

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