Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Contented with your boat....?

I recently blogged about looking around other boats at Mercia Marina The image of the Aqua Marine boat stayed with me until I got back on Waterlily. I realised how lucky we were to have such a nice comfortable boat.

We brought Waterlily because the layout and the right mix of equipment was aboard. Nothing too technical or complicated but enough to get me warm, dry, clean, rested and fed. I don't think in this life there are many other things you should really want.

When I re-evaluated what we had I realised how contented I was with Waterlily. Just made me wonder how happy others were with their boats? If not what would you change? I know Bruce on Sanity is changing the whole boat. I suppose until it is your home you do not fully appreciate the areas of limitation.

The only thing I would change if I could and I can't is to have a longer bow area to allow us both to sit out in, but then I'm being greedy as there is always the bank side to enjoy.



English Blogger (Davie B) said...

So nice to read you are so content with Waterlily. I have to say we are very happy and content with The Robber Button.

There are a few small things if we had the option like having the pump out tank down the centre of the boat not at the one side...and I would maybe have a few more 240 outlets...

other than that I really cannot think of anything, hey we are a couple of happy content boaters

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Nev. That is a great posting, because I am sure there are many who would change a lot about their boats if they could. We are like you we would not change a thing. When she was built, she was built exactly as we asked and there is nothing I would change right now. Ok she would not be to the liking of others, but she suits our purpose as a working boat and a liveaboard. Hadar is our dream and much, much more. I wonder what others have to say? Jo

Bruce in Sanity said...

But almost all of Sanity Again will be the same as Sanity, just a bit longer and with a few tweaks...